VREF Confirms-TBM Owners are Geniuses!

VREF’s 2016 Market Leader Report Volume #2 out this week has confirmed what most you TBM owners already know - you guys are pretty smart!  You must be because your airplanes have retained more value since new than most other makes and models of turbine airplanes.

According the the report, while some aircraft have lost as much as 75% of their value since new in 2008, TBM 850s have only depreciated 26% since 2008 or have retained 74% of their value!  Compare that to King Air B200 that lost 50% of its value since 2008, or worse, to a Learjet 60XR that lost 74%.

The full report is an update on the aircraft resale market in Q1 2016 which is best summarized by two words: “price sensitive”.  VREF confirms sales activity is good for aggressively priced aircraft with most models being in what most would call a “Buyers” market. TBM owners may be in a better position regarding resale values do to their lower depreciation than many other models.

Read the full report at: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/110628852/VREF%20Market%20Report_2016Vol2.pdf

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