The Horizon Aviation Group is an aircraft dealer/broker located in Sarasota Florida handling aircraft sales and management of mid size Jets and Turboprops. We specialize in Citations and CJ’s. Whether buying or selling an airplane our team of pilots and aviation professionals would like the opportunity to earn your business and exceed your expectations.

Aircraft Management
Horizon Aviation offers complete management services for your aircraft. We can handle all of the details from scheduling and training for the flight crews to scheduling the maintenance and inspections for your aircraft. Horizon can focus on the aviation details so that you can concentrate on the details of your core business.

Pilot Services
Horizon Aviation has a stable of corporate pilots available to work as contract pilots. These pilots have all of the required Federal Aviation Administration Licenses/Ratings, Medical Certificates and current training. With the experience that comes with thousands of hours logged in the air, our goal is to provide flight crews that will get you to your destination safely and on time.

Aircraft Comparison Reports
Let us help you to determine which aircraft might be the best fit for your travel requirements. Based on your inputs, let the Horizon Aviation Group put together a comparison of aircraft to fit your needs. In a page or two, we can work together to narrow the focus of your search, and find the aircraft that meets both your operational and financial requirements.

Market Trend Reports
Will your aircraft be worth more this year or next year? Are you near the end of your depreciation cycle? Using aviation industry data, our network of aviation experts and our proprietary modeling programs, we can provide you the type of specific information that will assist you in making a decision on whether to sell or retain your aircraft. 

Aircraft Financing
Once you have selected your aircraft, we can also assist with the financing of your aircraft. We have a network of contacts in the aviation lending industry that we have worked with before and whom we can recommend to you. Based on your decision, we would be happy to broker the introduction to the company that you select. 

Aircraft Ferrying
After purchasing your aircraft, we can assist in delivering the aircraft to you anywhere in the world. We have a number of seasoned international pilots on staff that will deliver your aircraft safely to your local airport. If you need help in crossing the oceans or crossing large continents, let our staff assist you in the planning and execution of the aircraft movement.

Pilot Mentoring
If your insurance carrier requires that you log 50 to 100 hours in your newly purchased aircraft with an experienced instructor, we can help as well. Our staff of experienced pilots and instructors can help you fulfill that obligation. We can work with you and your schedule to an instructor so that you can meet your obligation in a safe and expeditious manner.